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What is best for a newborn – a cradle or a baby bed?


Soon the baby will be born and you still don’t know how to solve the problem of creating a suitable place for baby to sleep at night. You are not sure whether you should buy a baby cradle or a baby bed. Our article can help you to make the right decision.

A cradle or a baby bed? Why do people buy baby beds more often than baby cradles?

Baby beds and baby cradles are both available at stores. But parents usually buy baby beds for their newborn instead of cradles. There are two reasons for making such choice:

1) we all got used to buy baby beds;

2) it’s rational decision to buy a baby bed: the cradle is suitable for newborn during several months but then the baby will grow and the parents will have to buy a baby bed.

Why don’t newborn babies sleep well in their baby beds? Why do they wake up so often?

Parents usually don’t understand the difference between baby beds and baby cradles. They believe both items are suitable for babies to sleep in. But babies don’t like beds.

Yes, babies don’t like sleeping in their beds, they constantly wake up at night and cry and babies sleep well only when their parents are rocking them.

Before being born the baby felt comfortable and safe inside mum’s body and got used to be in a small confined space. That’s why babies feel scary and uncomfortable being alone inside large empty baby beds. So small cradles are better for them.

If you don’t know what to buy – a cradle or a baby bed – and you want the best for your newborn, you should buy a cradle.

If you think you can’t purchase both a cradle and a baby bed (it’s too expensive), you should pay attention to our new convertible baby beds. These beds have modular design and can be easily modified to meet your needs. More about this

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